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Unofficial Guide to Kyou Kara Maou

Kyou Kara Maou - the unofficial reference guide
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Unofficial reference guide to Kyou Kara Maou.

This is the Unofficial Kyou Kara Maou LJ Reference Community. Our aim is to make this the definitive information community for all things KKM. With your help, we are working on gathering information on the anime, novels, manga, games, music, voice actors, characters, pairings, merchandise and all other KKM-related things!


1) Comment here if you would like to sign-up for anything that has not already been claimed, including things not already listed. Please feel free to suggest additional sections as well.

2) At this time we do not have specific deadlines, but we will check on your progress periodically if you have not submitted.

3) Please don't sign-up for more than you can reasonably handle. You are always welcome to sign-up for more later!

4) We have a few templates to offer to help things stay as consistent as possible. Comment here if you'd like to help create additional templates.

5) Some information included in the templates will not apply to your task. You may write "unknown" or "non-applicable" as appropriate. You are also encouraged to add new sections of information. The more info the better!

6) If you can not find all of the information, please feel free to turn in what you could complete and the mods will either search for the rest or put up a note asking community members to help. Anything you can do is appreciated.

7) Attribute your information whenever possible and use clear, unbiased language in your compilations.

8) If you see any mistakes, broken links, or oversights on any post, please let us know by commenting on that post.

9) Be considerate of the hard work people have put into their compilations.

10) If you are not comfortable with English, but you'd like to gather information, you are still very welcome. We'd be happy to edit your work.

11) We may edit your offerings as new information becomes available, but you will be consulted on anything that contradicts things you have written.

12) If you have any questions comment on this post or use the contact information below to speak with a mod privately.

Character Profile
Episode Guide
Seiyuu Profile
Comment here if you'd like to help create additional templates.

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